Born to the Empyrea Gelafein and Nazara, abused by her father and bound by the Abyssal Celebrant, a rare Occurian child must struggle to regain her self.


As an adult, she stands at 5'4". Her body type is of the slender hourglass shape and she appears as to be very supple. Her eyes are of varying green shades, generally jade in colour. Her hair is a chestnut brown and is always in a traditional priestesses braid. Adorning on her ears, Aoife is always wearing silver ear cuffs with chains that always come in different styles. As well as with the traditional priestesses braid, she wears the outfit of a virgin priestess, however controversial it is to her history. The traditional garb is a sari, generally transparent and lacking in the undershirt of non-virgin priestesses.


Aoife was the first born of the Empyrean's Gelafein and Nazara. At first the two were happy with their child, and she was allowed to grow with her parents and eventually her brother Nyor. When she became of the childbearing age for her kind, it became obvious tat she was not Empyrean like her parents. Within her she swelled with the purest energy of the Eidolon's Aria, and the energy not being able to be contained within her body, leaked out in waves. Aoife radiated the most heavenly of music, hanging in the air in ambience. The Empyrea about her became drunk with the energy that she produced. Both her father and brother became enthralled with her. Her brother was drunk on her energy, though he did nothing to pursue the power she exuded. Her father on the other hand went mad with wanton lust. He hoarded his daughter and shunned the company of his consort. Gelafein kept Aoife locked away, beating and raping her until she broke. Nazara became jealous of Aoife, however did not know what her consort was doing to their daughter. In her ignorance, Gelafein's abuse persisted for many years.

As an Occuri, Aoife could not die. Her soul was battered and tainted with terror and hate. She could feel the Abyssal Celebrant calling her soul closer to his possession, and Aoife wasn't loathe to drift into his lullaby. Even succumbing to the god of Terror would be better than the abuse she received at her fathers hands.

No one ever found Aoife. She eventually faded from memory and into the embrace of the Abyssal Celebrant, Deimos.


  • Gelafein: Father/Hate
  • Nazara: Mother/Dislike
  • Nyor: Brother/Lover
  • Deimos: Consort/Lover

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