Asmeeurdra web

Male Asmeeurdra

Descended from the star of Undreemos, these aquatic creatures live in the oceans of Majy'sa. As a people, the Asmeeurdra are an estranged society, being rather recluse from the rest of the world. There are the few that stray from this characteristic, wanting to learn about the other peoples of the world. As well as being an anti-social society, they are feared by many of the other races due to their psionic abilities and reptilian features.


The Asmeeurdra, mostly taking to the deep seas rather than the shoals near land, have a pale white flesh covered in cool colored scales. The hues vary greatly, from purple to green in color and in any value from light to dark. They have a powerful and long eel-like tail that propels them through the water at great speeds. Though usually submerged in water, these people have human like legs with reptilian feet and counting six toes on each foot with webbing between to help swim. Upon their back they have large clawed fins that also help propel them through the water, and while being intelligent, this attribute makes them ideal target for larger predators. The Asmeeurdra are able to put their arms into these giant fins like gloves to help with mobility whenever they don't need to use the extra appendages.

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