Magic is a rare gift among the people of Majy'sa. Any human, given enough training, is able to listen and use the Eidolon's Aria, the source of magic. However, use of the song does wear on one's sanity, causing degradation of the mind and dementia. The Aria is a very powerful song, only generally meant to be heard by the Empyreans. It is an addictive sound as well, like a drug equivilant to heroine or methamphetamine. The effect of using magic is akin to being high on ecstasy. Human's have a very low tolerance to the pure sound of the Aria and are typically driven into a frenzy when using that power. A human must have gone through divine possession in order to maintain a tolerance and grasp for the sound. The ordeal of being possessed by the divine is a very dangerous thing. So much energy channeled through the body of a frail mortal puts the human flesh through much stress. More often than not, the human dies during the possession. Should a human survive being possessed by the Triad, Occuria or shades from the Verdant Dream, their body is so infused with energy that they must learn to manipulate the energies in order to live. Generally these people are adopted by the clergy and divided into the many patron gods of the civilization. These people are very highly respected, and are given a status higher than that of the nobility.

SaryxAuthra and the Asmeeurdra are better able to tolerate the sound and addiction of the Aria. It doesn't wear so much on their sanity like it does a human, but that's because the humans are frail creatures.

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