The Hymn of The Maker

The Path of the Transcendent


The pantheon of Majy'sa is divided into three hierarchy's. The Triad, which were the beginning of the universe. They created the universe that Majy'sa belongs in and began the cycle of life and death. The Occuria are Adrellach's immortal children. They represent the judgment and purity of the universe and carry within them the purest sources of energy. They are very rarely born and are coveted by their counterparts the Empyrea. The Empyrea are the common deities of the universe, representing many different aspects of creation and destruction. Unlike the Occuria, the Empyrea are mortal in comparison. They have significantly longer lifespans than the other races of Majy'sa, however they still are able to be imprisoned, bound and killed. Their energy is insignificant compared to the Occuria, and much more easily taintable by darker influences such as Deimos and the easily manipulated Huma race. They covet the energy of the Occuria and are obsessed with the manipulations of the beings on Majy'sa.

This is an incomplete list of the pantheon. These are only the known deities.

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