SaryxAuthra Profile (Nyor)

Descended directly from the Occurian God Sc't, the SaryxAuthra dragons are imbued with powerful aether winds of Auria and wield the wild energies skillfully. These dragons are implacably intolerant of the Huma, however maintain more generous relations with those of similar intellect and magical capabilities.


The SaryxAuthra appear as large dragons, generally feathered towards the head and wings. However the rest of their body is defined by the subgenus of SaryxAuthra. Some are covered in varying lengths of fur, others scales, and some maintain feathers all over their body. The color of the SaryxAuthra vary by each individual dragon, however some traits are passed down through genetics.

All SaryxAuthra retain the ability to morph into a human form. In this form, most SaryxAuthra retain the colors of their other form, as well as the pinions about their head. Most SaryxAuthra retain the horns, tail and hind feet of their draconic form as well. It is very rare, but some SaryxAuthra mate with those of other species. Beyond that type of mating, their offspring take on some of both parents characteristics.

Despite the occasional interbreeding, SaryxAuthra do not recognize half-breeds. Either you are SaryxAuthra or you are not, denoting by your ability to shapechange.

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