Type: monotheism (moderately patriarchal) Direction: inwards Focus: attaining enlightenment

Deity: Zion Titles: The Transcendent

Divine Interaction: has not happened in eons

Involves: ritual dress Afterlife: has interesting geography and can be reached by the living, with effort Supernatural: monsters, magic, the Empryean minions

Worship: solemn group prayer in cathedrals Holidays: very many Holidays Celebrate: saints, past miracles, martyrs, human achievements Major Holiday(s): are very joyous times

Clergy: males only Function: arbiters of holiness, missionaries Lifestyle: monastic Family: rare (chastity encouraged) Chosen: appointed by secular leader(s) Distinguished By: special clothing

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a knot of some sort and a representation of wings Holy Color: mint

Passed Down: via many holy books and some oral tradition Creation Myth Type: succession Mortals' Origin: stars Major Myth/Symbol(s): the sacrifice, the resurrection, creation

Deadly Sins: neglect and cowardice High Virtues: tolerance and kindness

Associated Artform: painting/murals

Coming of Age: 21 years old Coming of Age Rite: involves personal meditation

Marriage: is often arranged from birth Marriage Rites: generally are a celebration

Death Rites: involve embalming Prevalence: believed by many Outsiders: are shunned

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